Me We global The JAMSO solution base

JAMSO Me We Earth
ME We Brand by JAMSO (All rights protected)

Me We global is our solution base attitude.

You see on the JAMSO website and other social media outlets our use of the JAMSO “MeWe” globe brand. This has been developed with important customer care intent. It is not just to be pretty (which we think it is) but to represent some value reminders.
The orange is the same as used within the JAMSO brand is simply a nice bright colour that we love. It is fresh, clear, bright and stands out – just like us!
The reason for the orange circle is to reflect in-part our sun image in the JAMSO brand logo.
Next to the circle is a global “e”. This is used to represent our global thinking, global connectivity, global solutions focus, sensitivity to different cultures, knowing that we can always learn from a wider community. It also shows a lot of ocean in the image, this is because we seek a fluid holistic approach to our business but remain focused in covering as much as possible within our market. The use of cloud in the e image is a signal reminder that the JAMSO founder loves to skydive!
The M and W are mirrored. This was done not just because we had a lazy designer but to reflect each side of a position. JAMSO can only serve our market and each customer best by understanding their position, values, expectations and needs. We provide the solutions to tailor manage this elements to guarantee the best results we can provide. That is how you get to experience class leading value for money in our service offerings.
I hope this explanation offers you an insight into the JAMSO business culture and we welcome a call or email or tweet with any questions you may have. We provide you the best value to reach goals, measure and implement the correct KPI’s and develop value level motivation for everyone we engage with.

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