Show Notes from Podcast Interview with TheBucketListLife and JAMSO founder

The Bucket List Life


Below is a direct copy of the show notes from a podcast interview between the JAMSO founder James Doyle and the most amazing and inspiring social media community on the planet! Hosted by Kenyon Salo – a skydiver of over 4000 jumps and 300 BASE jumps!


James is a The Bucket List Life Danish “ambassador” the the rapidly growing movement called The Bucket List Life – JAMSO encourages all people with personal dreams and ambitions to join this fantastic group of like minded people. For inspiration, great continual content and contributions : We hope you enjoy it!

The Bucket List Life is all about living the lives that we truly desire for ourselves. In order to make these magical manifestations happen, we have to set some significant goals.

Our next guest is a Goal Setting Consultant from Denmark and he has more than 20 years experience working with business leaders from around the world to successfully manage their goals. James Doyle wants to share with us some of his greatest life experiences from his travels to more than 50 countries and he also has some helpful insight and tips to inspire an encourage us to effectively define our goals and successfully accomplish all of our Bucket List items.

Highlights of their podcast conversation:

3:00 James talks about his adventures in traveling around the world. He shares and some of his favorite places of the 50 plus countries that he’s been to and some of his travel experiences that have changed his life forever.

“Here is our life. Let’s just make every minute, every second, every day every week and month matter. Make it matter for yourself, for your friends and for your family and make the world a better place.”

10:00 James shares the story of how he decided to move to Denmark and how he found the home of his dreams, a beautiful and historical 17th century, nationally listed, thatched cottage house.

15:45 James tells us of how he came upon The Bucket List Life on a Facebook feed and that it was a ‘WHAM’ moment and he immediately resonated with the movement.

20:00 James shares with us what he understands about goal management and some powerful questions that will help us understand why or why we are not accomplishing our goals. Some key points he wanted to emphasize are:

  • the importance of setting goals for your future all year round, not only around New Years.
  • identify your core values and make sure your goals are truly in alignment with them.
  • focus on working backwards from your desired goals to start figuring out what needs to be considered to make it happen.
  • maximize your experience to incorporate as many other accomplishments and goals at the same time as feasibly possible.
  • accountability is critical in goals setting to make sure you have the resources, the network, the systems and ability to make things happen.
  • financial considerations can be made by going back to your core values and deciding what it really is that you want to accomplish and how much of a priority it is in your life.

42:00 James explains top two reasons that prevent people from accomplishing their goals. The first one being fear and the other is behavioral change.

48:45 James shares an acronym of goals setting models that successful people are using to accomplish their objectives in life.

  • S- Specific – be very specific on what you want to achieve.
  • M- Measurable – be sure to measure your progress
  • A- Accountable – having the resource, system, structure to make your goal occur.
  • R- Relevant – how is this goals connected your own core values
  • T- Time – you have to schedule your goals in your life.
  • E- Ethical and Enjoyable
  • R- Reward and Reassess

55:30 What are a couple things on James Bucket List? Wingsuit jump with Kenyon when he’s 50 years old. Half marathon by June 2015 in under two hours.

56:30 James would like to leave us with the final thought that: “Goals and goal setting isn’t about checklists and doing, it’s more about where you want to be, who you want to be and how you want to get there…. Just know it’s gonna feel uncomfortable, it’s gonna be fun, you have to make it happen and just move forward.”

Thank you so much James, for sharing your knowledge, goals, aspirations and your experiences with us all. Your advice and encouragement is sure to inspire millions around the world and we are grateful for you sharing your wisdom.

That wraps up episode #33 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo. Please remember to RATE and REVIEW on iTunes and also FOLLOW us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to join our Team Bucket List Life Facebook Page and contribute to making the world a better place. Until next time, be amazing and be you and check off bucket list items!


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