10 Great Podcasts

Podcast media remains an unstable sector with many shows lasting only a few episodes before the hosting team realize the time and effort required versus the initial audience numbers. They then stop and chase the next land of quick rich schemes chasing unicorns and rainbows.

I noticed in December that many “experts” gave their forecasts and trend data for 2015 to indicate an increased use of rich media formats like video. So, will we see increased diversification from audio or both audio and video format for podcasts ?

At JAMSO, we appreciate the use of video and audible podcasts, their consumption varies on our daily activity. For a slow steady run we listen to one, for background we listen to another in the car yet another. Here is the podcasts we left on our smartphone after a clean out. After London Real, there is no specific preference number.

1) London Real :- Hosted by Brian Rose.

These video and audio format interviews often last at least an hour or two, they remain unscripted and unedited. Brian is an ex-city trader turned podcast host whom recently presented at the TED stage. With over 25million ITunes downloads and 3million YouTube views, his guests vary covering subjects that support the streams values:

  • Seek the truth, not what the government or news media is telling us.
  • Demand the right to sovereignty over our own bodies and consciousness.  Period.
  • Value self-made, authentic human beings with integrity, grit, and humility.  Through personal portraits of such individuals we seek to inspire and inform.
  • Take the health, fitness and nutrition of our bodies seriously.
  • Believe in entrepreneurship, free markets and building successful businesses.
  • Give first.  We express gratitude to those around us.   We pay it forward.
  • Believe that freedom of information and personal privacy are non-negotiable human rights.
  • Choose not to be victims.  We make mistakes.  We learn.  We keep fighting.

2) Silicon Real :- Hosted by Brian Rose

You will recognize the host and studio from London Real. The focus here is a weekly hour show.

Dedicated to the People of the London Technology Startup Scene. In over 50 episodes interviews with the top people in Startups, Venture Capital, FinTech, Incubators, Hardware, and More.

3) The Bucket List Life :- Hosted by Kenyon Salo

Kenyon is a bucket list destroyer! He has performed over 4000 skydives and 300 BASE jumps. His enthusiasm to interview people from around the world living their Bucket List life is inspiring, entertaining and simply a fun way to listen to a podcast. Adventures from world expeditions, local charity work and how to help others remains fundamental themes to this expanding community world wide.

4) BBC Radio 4 : Friday Night Comedy

30 minutes hosted by Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis and various guests look at the weeks events with stand up and satire humor. This is British comedy to put a smile on your face and enjoy the moment.

5) Breaking Banks :- Hosted by Brett King

An hour podcast exploring the direction of FinTech and the established banking sector. Often a couple of guests are brought in for a discussion and view sharing to cover subjects from Health care and insurance to big data and the internet of things. A great way to keep abreast of the global trends and opportunities emerging in these sectors.

6) London Fintech Podcast :- Mike Baliman

OK another FinTech podcast that has a mostly London bias, the shows last about 30 minutes. A wider sense of social and personal consequence with emerging trends is often felt and reflected in these shows. Mike is clearly a person with a passion for FinTech but also a human with a sole and traditional values. It leads to an interesting and well thought presentation through discussion, interviews and quotes…….just a shame the intro music is so bad!

7) Jump Twenty Six :- Hosted by Jason Lehel and Chris Dare

This is one of 3 skydive related podcasts we always look forward to at JAMSO. Jump Twenty Six gets the specific mention for some simple reasons. Although a newbie to the podcast scene, this is targeted at mostly USA jumpers who have recently qualified and yet the lessons, subject and guests covered on the show is applicable for jumpers with over a 1000 jumps.

8) The James Altucher Show :- Hosted by James Altucher

30 minute shows with a guest often plugging their recent book publication. James offers a unique insight with his mix personality skills. He has a vulnerable sounding voice that does not reflect his background as a successful author, investor, trader and entrepreneur. The guests are reflective of James background, interests and personality and so you are in for an enjoyable and informative ride.

9) MTN Meister :- Hosted by Ben Schenck

The bi weekly 30 minute interview shows give JAMSO a time to be reminded all things great in the mountains. The guests are diverse from champion free skiers to climbers and ultra-runners. Some of the interview techniques adopted by Ben, may leave you feeling a little short changed in the potential of the guest he still manages a great consistent gravitas onto the show with quality guests and inspiring subject matters.

10) The Art Of Charm :- Hosted by Jordan Harbinger

The shows last between 40minutes to an hour. At first hearing the Art of Charm has a slant of “pick up artistry” but more importantly for us at JAMSO are the science based discussions from many guests discussing entrepreneurship, language hacks, influencing techniques, networking and life skills.

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