Caring parent

Beginners guide to goal setting

Why you are reading this article? Did the title grab your curiosity or do you subscribe to our weekly posts? This post is uncharacteristic in its length format, content and style from our normal content but that is the purpose. We normally cover within a business context the subjects of goals, key performance indicators, business intelligence, big data and the internet of things with extra topics included, such as productivity, leadership and time management. Today it is about personal goals and a beginners guide to to help you RIGHT NOW.

Do you have some personal goals to do right now? Are there some steps or research or action that could be taken right now?

If the answer is yes, then follow these steps.

Step 1:

Subscribe to our blogs so our weekly blog arrives to you in your inbox. You can then choose the best times to read our content later.

Step 2

Close down the tab in your internet browser.

Step 3

My articles normally have an average of 1000 words, which is about 5 minutes time plus additional links of further reading and videos to review of at least 30minutes if you wish to use that time. So, to move one of your goals forward I suggest you close the internet tab you are within and use the next 33 minutes to move a goal forward

Step 4

That is it. Go back to step 3.

Step 5

Yes I meant it.

Step 6

OK I see you are searching for something extra, maybe some additional advice or help? OK, go to Step 7

Step 7

In the next 30 minutes, what can you do to move a goal forward? See the below check list (this addresses the most popular personal goals).

Shut down your IT connections

  • Call or sms/text a friend or family member to arrange that party, gathering or share the idea or to simply say sorry or that you love and care for them
  • Call or register with the business or club to gain additional information
  • Log into the public library to reserve the book you have on you must read list
  • Buy the book online that you could not find in the library
  • Sit down and create a financial review plan to understand what is needed for your goal
  • Walk or exercise if your goal is to get fit – yes, right now.
  • Shop for healthy groceries
  • List the items you own you have not used for the past 6 months and make a plan to sell them or get rid of them
  • Subscribe to this blog
  • Register or subscribe to an association that represents a cause you believe in.
  • Do not go to any social media service or news media source in the next 28 minutes. Go back to step 1-7
  • Learn 1 word in your desired foreign language
  • Pick up any litter near you right now and put it in the bin
  • Smile at strangers and talk to someone new
  • Memorize 1 quote and use it once today in a conversation
  • Kiss a person you love
Caring parent
Kiss someone you love

I am most impressed with your staying power! Wow you really must be looking for some other trigger to stop your procrastination, or maybe you are looking to write a comment and give me some feedback? Well then take a short moment to scroll down and leave a comment where you have seen a small change in business process or tasks that lead to a greater result and outcome. Then share this article to anyone you think will find it relevant and interesting. I look forward to hearing from you. Come and join JAMSO with over 1600 others on twitter and follow JAMSO on LinkedIn here .

Further Reading:

SMARTER goals explains how to create powerful and rewarding goals with a higher chance of success to completions.

New years resolution goal statistics by University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology published January 2015.

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